Mountain Society Chitral initiatives “Eco- Guardians” needs your support


Mountain Society Chitral initiatives “Eco- Guardians” needs your support
Eco Guardians are the key to the future of natural resources: they work within their own communities empower local people to protect their natural resources (Forest and Wildlife). They monitor and Wildlife and their habitat, as well as educate communities.
Here is how you can support our Eco Guardian program of Mountain Society Chitral: Please Sponsor an Eco- Guardian! And circulate among different stakeholders and friends to support this initiative.
Your Eco Guardian sponsorship not only helps protect Nature but it supports a family at the same time.
Every penny counts in our work to ensure a secure future for wild resources, and the people that depend on it for survival.
 Sponsors will receive:
Rs.2000 – Rs 3000 Official sponsorship certificate, a thank-you letter from Mountain Society
Rs 4000 – Rs5000 Official sponsorship certificate, thank-you letter & acknowledgment on Mountain Society website
Rs 7000 + Official sponsorship certificate, a personal thank-you letter from Mountain Society, website acknowledgment
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