Mountain Society for Research and Development

Mountain Society for Research and Development has been established with the objectives of linking development with research and creating and maintaining political will for such initiatives in the district and beyond. Besides, the Mountain Society for Research & Development is committed to conserve mountains ecosystem of Chitral and explore avenues for sustainable development. The Society was founded in 2013 by the local professional from the diverse field, including foresters, sociologists, community activists, and field biologists. The underlying aim was to explore the hidden potentials of the district and ensure the prudent use of resources for the development of local communities.

Our Mission

To ensure sustainable management of natural resources of the Province in general and District Chitral in particular, to eradicate poverty and reduce pressure on resources through identification and introduction of alternative sources of livelihoods

Our Vision

MSRD is dedicated to make Chitral a prosperous place of living where people have their right to a life of dignity and where resources both natural and manmade are managed and sustained in an equitable manner through research.

Our Approach

The Society adopts a participatory, self-help, self-sustained, self-reliant and purely scientific approach for research and development.