• Prioritizing quality and accepting challenges
  • Utilization of local wisdom and resources
  • Adherence to International, National, and Sub-national commitments and priorities as reflected under different agendas, strategies/plans/policies, and flagship programs
  • Enhancing networking and coordination
  • Encouragement of innovation and creativity


The Mountain Society for Research & Development Chitral is governed by a Board of Directors, which is involved in policy issues of the association. The BoD members appoint the head of the association who is fully responsible for the overall activities of the association.

Each activity is implemented through Project Committee members (PCMs) who are appointed on the recommendations of the BoD. Implementation of the activities according to the approved work plan is the responsibility of the members of the Project Committee. The head office of the association and BoD regularly monitors the activities undertaken by the committees.

Other activities of MSRD include liaison and linkage development with research organizations, line departments, fundraising, and documentation of activities. Financial matters of the association are operated through a double-entry accounting system and policy. The day-to-day affairs of the association are run according to the principles and procedures drafted and approved by the Board of Directors of the Mountain Society Research & Development.  The Project Manager runs the routine office activities with the help of other support staff. The governance of The Mountain Society is run by the following Volunteers Board of Directors.

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