The Mountain Society for Revival and Development (MSRD) is actively engaged in addressing the critical issue of declining spring water sources in the Chitral region, which is significantly impacted by climate change. Springs serve as a crucial water source for local communities in Chitral, supporting their daily needs for drinking, irrigation, and livestock. However, the adverse effects of climate change, including reduced precipitation and rising temperatures, have led to the depletion of these springs. MSRD’s approach to tackling this issue is multifaceted, focusing on spring revival through nature-based solutions, the utilization of indigenous knowledge, and advanced monitoring and mapping techniques. The organization collaborates closely with local mountain communities to ensure the relevance and sustainability of their initiatives. Techniques such as reforestation, watershed management, and soil conservation are key components of their strategy. The organization has also undertaken a comprehensive mapping and monitoring project, which has yielded valuable insights into the dynamics of Chitral’s springs. To date, 186 springs have been mapped and monitored, providing a data-driven foundation for informed decision-making in their revitalization efforts.

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