Established in 2010 in the remote Hindukush Region of Northern Pakistan, The Mountain Society for Research & Development (MSRD) is a non-profit, non-religious, and non-political organization headquartered in District Lower Chitral. Our primary mission centers on the conservation of mountain ecosystems through dedicated research and development initiatives. Since our inception, we have collaborated closely with various stakeholders, including government bodies, development partners, academic institutions, and civil society organizations within the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

Our work is aligned with the 2030 Agenda, with a particular focus on addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to environmental protection, natural resource management, gender equity, and participatory development. We design and implement nature-based solutions to address the unique challenges faced by mountain communities and the fragile ecosystems that envelop them. By integrating indigenous knowledge, passed down through generations, with modern science, we strive to make mountain communities more resilient in the face of climate change.

At MSRD, our commitment to the preservation of mountain landscapes, the well-being of local communities, and the sustainable use of natural resources drives our efforts. We continue to collaborate with diverse partners to promote responsible, ecologically sound practices while contributing to the region’s long-term environmental and social sustainability

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